Vietnam Visa Fees 2019

There are 2 different kinds of fees for Visa on arrival: Visa Approval letter Fee and Visa Stamping Fee.

1. Visa Approval letter services fees

The fee which you pay for us to get the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter from Vietnam Immigration Department agree for your arrive.

2. Stamping fee

The fee you pay Immigration Officers directly in cash (USD or VND) at your arrival Vietnam airport (Immigration Desk/Counter) to have Visa stamped onto your passport.
The fee is collected by Immigration Officers and compulsory for all those who use Visa on Arrival method. See table below for details.

Visa TypesService Fee
Cost/Person (USD)
pay online by credit card
Stamp Fee
Cost/Person (USD)
pay in cash at the airport
Normal ProcessingUrgent (1 working day)
1 month single entry (30 days)USD 15USD 25USD 25
3 month single entry (87 days)USD 110USD 120
1 month multiple entry (30 days)USD 25USD 35USD 50
3 month multiple entry (87 days)USD 110USD 120

* Service Fee: pay BestPrice Travel via our website
* Stamp Fee: pay immigration officers directly and in cash at the airport

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