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January 04, 2016 / 1855 Views

In Vietnam, adventure tourism is not a popular concept. Those who want an exotic adventure should not miss the chance to embark themselves into wild beautiful nature of…

March 30, 2016 / 1363 Views

Legend says a descending dragon created the majestic limestone karsts that rise from the emerald waters of Halong Bay. While a peaceful cruise is a perfect way to witness…

January 04, 2016 / 775 Views

Coming here on your first trip may be shocking and in a sense, mind boggling as well. You will be experiencing a new culture all together and being exposed to different…

February 13, 2017 / 220 Views

Nothing is more romantic than walking hand in hand with your loved one and watching street life. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing the list of the most romantic streets we could find in (chaotic) Hanoi. 

February 03, 2017 / 227 Views

Your ULTIMATE guide to terrific things to do in Hoi An city, especially at night.

January 20, 2017 / 256 Views

It's "Skull Island", but let's be honest, it's mostly Vietnam. Rocky islands soaring out of the ocean? Steep-sided mountains and thick jungles? Let’s find out where the movie was filmed. Allow your adventurous side to flourish, you can follow in the footsteps of Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston.

December 30, 2016 / 343 Views

Let's find out how you can explore the mountains on foot, interact with friendly locals, cycle through rural villages or discover the river passing vibrant floating villages. With eco retreats, multi-activity adventures, community projects and more, there’s an adventure awaiting for you whatever your travel-style…

December 20, 2016 / 324 Views

The markets are a bustle of noise and energy, with friendly food sellers calling out their menus, stall holders calling out their wares, and crowds of curious onlookers, shoppers and diners mingling together in the night air enjoying the infectious energy that abounds from night markets.

October 22, 2016 / 728 Views

The legendary Gulf of Tonkin, bounded by both Vietnam and China, covers three bays: Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. Composed of thousands of islands rising from turquoise water, the Gulf of Tonkin creates truly amazing seascape. 

August 05, 2015 / 1113 Views

All cruise companies in Halong Bay need permission to be allowed to sail in Halong Bay by the Management Board of Halong Bay. In case of bad weather conditions, cruise can be postponed, shortened or cancelled and Halong Bay Management Board will be in charge of making decision. 

January 04, 2016 / 2426 Views

There is no better way to experience the most stunning scenery of one of the most beautiful bays recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO than aboard a cruise experience.

January 04, 2016 / 2259 Views

A trip to Cat Ba island can done separately or in combination with a visit to Halong Bay. This is an oasis where you can be gone for one or for several days.

January 04, 2016 / 1163 Views

Halong Bay is considered one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Vietnam, and a Halong Bay cruise is a must-do on many travelers’ lists.  Having said that, do put some time and effort into choosing what tour you do, as this will make a big difference to whether you come back raving about your trip…

October 05, 2016 / 835 Views

Mekong River life is nothing short of bustling and busy, with constant activity to observe from river craft and fisherman, to floating markets and traditional villages, as well as the local cuisine.

January 04, 2016 / 969 Views

Laos is a truly captivating country, with its gentle pace inviting the visitor to slow down, relax and absorb the beauty of their surroundings. Mekong River runs the entire length of the country, with the river and its many tributaries being integral to the Lao way of life, providing fishing, irrigation, transport and…

January 04, 2016 / 1961 Views

Originating high in the Tibetan Plateau, the Mekong River is the life-blood of activity throughout the history of Southeast Asia. 

January 04, 2016 / 1644 Views

Linked by the mighty Mekong River, Vietnam and Cambodia abound with magnificent carved temples, lush landscapes, and cities where rich imperial and colonial legacies mingle. An expedition cruise between Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap allows you to see more of the region in less time than on self-powered journeys. 

January 04, 2016 / 1300 Views

River cruising is the in-vogue travel trend. As Indochina grows in popularity as a tourism destination, exciting tour options available to travelers looking to explore this region of Southeast Asia are growing as well. A rising trend is to journey via river cruise on one of the excellent cruise ships now plying…

April 01, 2016 / 1079 Views

Let’s see how air travelling has been developed in Vietnam generally in compare with many years ago.

March 31, 2016 / 646 Views

Sometimes traveling by plane is not easy as a-b-c. For who are already get used to that kind of moving, you just need to grab your luggage and go! But to serve anyone that still has doubts or question about flying with plane, we provide you some common useful tips below.

April 05, 2016 / 953 Views

Traffic between the airports and city is quite clear and is connected by highway; tourists can easily travel by public bus or taxi.