Lan Ha Bay - Magnificent natural picture

Located on the south of Halong bay Lan Ha bay belongs to Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong City. A lot of people think that the destination belongs to Halong Bay because it also includes hundreds of islands. Despite that, Lan Ha bay have different highlight is having various beautiful beaches for swimming or water games, etc.


Poetic natural picture
Cruising on Lan Ha by boat, visitors are treated to marvelous beauty of natural scenery. Cover more than 7,000 ha, Lan Ha bay includes about 400 islets and more than one hundred small beaches. Visitors will admire hundreds of imposing mountains with different shape depending on the interesting imagination of them such as: Guoc islet (Wooden shoe islet) and Doi islet (Bat grotto), etc.
The natural picture is more magnificent and poetic because of being adorned by the blue color of sea, the soft white color of high sky, and colorful small house of fishermen floating on water.

What to do
The most common activity in Lan Ha beach is swimming because most people tend to sink into the cool water as soon as possible after catching the magnificent beach sight. Swimming for a while, visitors will feel all their worry or headache about busy life are washed away; and being replaced by the relaxation.
Besides, many active activities are available such as kayaking by hiring a boat and discover some mysterious limestone caves or small islets. A big rock climbing centre is located in Cat Ba can give you chances to participate in a short climbing trip at Monkey island.

Staying overnight in bungalow, that is near the beach, is a great idea. Visitors will feel closer to nature without any barrier. Take a soft sleep in bungalow, be awoken by the sunshine from small window and way good morning by walking along the beach or do exercises. For the dinner, you will have fun if participate in a sea food barbecue on beach to taste fresh food and enjoy the unique smell of sea.

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