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Trekking has long been a popular kind of tourism activities. In Vietnam, trekking is more and more develop for the nature lover and would like to have experiences on their feet. Hence, the terrain and climate in Sapa is particularly suitable for those who want to travel combining with exercising.

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Luang Prabang, which is also called as Luang Phabang, is the former capital of Laos and declared a UNESCO World Heritage city in 1995. With numerous attractions reflecting Indochinese architecture, Buddhist temples and colorful cultures, Luang Prabang is considered the spiritual heart of Laos.

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Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is probably one of the world’s smallest capital cities. And this city indeed feels like a small town, with a deliciously relaxing atmosphere that is so different from other bustling, crazy cities in other Southeast Asia countries.

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Reign as the Queen of Vietnam’s beaches, Nha Trang is widely recognized because of its gorgeous beaches and the finest climatic conditions. Nha Trang is perfect for a lovely holiday in Vietnam. In 3 days, tourists can relax by joining in many excited activities, or just laying lazily on the beach, enjoying sea,…

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Spend 3 days in Hue, travelers can learn as much about communist wars as reveling in the city’s ancient history or get up-close with nature.

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