FREE 20KG - Fly together without worrying about baggage fees.

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From Sep 20, 2016, Jetstar Pacific implement the promotion offering attractive benefits.

Flying with family or group helps save on baggage fees 

From Sep 20, 2016, Jetstar Pacific implements the promotion offering attractive benefits. When booking as a family or group, passengers will be offered FREE checked baggage and FREE name change. 

- Group (or family) of 3-4 people: FREE 01 piece of checked baggage of 20kg.

- Group (or family) of 5-6 people: FREE 02 pieces of checked baggage of 20kg.

- Group (or family) of 7-8 people: FREE 03 pieces of checked baggage of 20kg.

- Group (or family) of 9-10 people: FREE 04 pieces of checked baggage of 20kg.

- Passenger name changes are allowed up until 48 hours before your flight departure and before tickets are issued. Within 48 hours before your flight departure, name change fee and fare difference (if any) will be charged. There must be at least 03 passengers on a booking for free name change to apply.

Terms and conditions for the special promotion

- Apply for following routes: Hanoi - Phu Quoc (HAN-PQC), Hanoi - Nha Trang (HAN-CXR), Hanoi - Tuy Hoa (HAN-TBB), Hanoi - Da Lat (HAN-DLI), Hanoi - Chu Lai (HAN-VCL), Hanoi - Quy Nhon (HAN-UIH) and Hanoi - Da Nang (HAN-DAD).

- Apply for group making one booking (01 booking code)

- Apply for bookings made from Sept 20, 16 until further notice (except on public holidays or public events*)

- When you book a flight, contact us for adding free baggage allowance and name change (if any) base on promotion details above.

(*) Public holidays and events: New Year's Day 2017 (Dec 29-16 to Jan 3-17), Lunar New Year (Jan 14-17 to Feb 14-17), Death anniversary of Hung Vuong (Apr 5-17 to Apr 10 -17), Apr 27-17 to May 3-17, Independence day (Sep 1 - 17 to Sep 5 -17), New Year's Day 2018 (Dec 29 - 17 to Jan 2 -18).


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