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With Halong cruise tours, you can pass thousand limestones and landscapes, visiting fishing village and special time to do kayaking or swimming. Relax on sundeck of boat and sleeping on cruise among the bay is an amazing feeling... Currently, hundreds of cruises are serving in tourism in Ha Long Bay. 

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A trip to Cat Ba island can done separately or in combination with a visit to Halong Bay. This is an oasis where you can be gone for one or for several days.

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In Vietnam, adventure tourism is not a popular concept. Those who want an exotic adventure should not miss the chance to embark themselves into wild beautiful nature of Vietnam. The country is filled with such an abundance of adventures and activities. Halong bay is an excellent choice with two thousand islands and countless…

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Halong Bay is considered one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Vietnam, and a Halong Bay cruise is a must-do on many travelers’ lists.  Having said that, do put some time and effort into choosing what tour you do, as this will make a big difference to whether you come back raving about your trip…

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When the winter blues hit, the usual solution is a ski weekend or quick trip to the beach. But if you’re up for a different kind of adventure, head for Vietnam’s UNESCO listed Halong Bay aboard a traditional junk boat.

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For Hue people, cuisine is considered as both an art and the culture of the pleasure life. The best way to explore Hue’s culture is through its unique cuisine with lots of typical local dishes. 

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The authentic way to discover the hidden charm of Hue and the places hidden away from tourists. It is a very popular vehicle in Hue called the cyclo (or rickshaw).

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Perhaps the most important occasion in one’s life, a wedding is intended to be elegant and joyful, as well as memorable for all the right reasons. Choosing a resort in Hue city is the ideal choice for newlyweds who are interested in spending…

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Spend 3 days in Hue, travelers can learn as much about communist wars as reveling in the city’s ancient history or get up-close with nature.

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