Tien Ong Cave

Although being less wellknown, Tien Ong Cave possesses pristine landscapes and a system of thousands years old stalagmites and stalactites. It is also a cradle of ancient Vietnamese people.

Situated on Cai Tai Island, amongst the karst islets population in the North of Ha Long Bay, Tien Ong Cave is around 20km far from Ha Long city center. 

Tien Ong is the most recently explored and opened for public access. In 2007 a team of Vietnamese archaeologists conducted extensive research which led to the discovery of human bones and artifacts dating to 10,000 – 8,000 BC. The cave has a wide, but short entrance which is said to resemble the shape of a frog's mouth. The cave is 5 meters above sea level and is 50 meters deep and covers 1000 square meters, almost evenly split into two chambers. Archeologists have discovered fossils of bones of terrestrial animals, pieces of pottery and shells, and ancient tools such as stone axe, and stone knife...

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Jasmine Cruise 2 days
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Violet Cruise 2 days
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Legend Halong Private 2 days
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