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Sihanoukville is a small port city in the southwest of Cambodia. The town is situated on a peninsula on the eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand.

                   Sihanoukville - Cambodia's Premier Beach Town

Sihanoukville - Cambodia's Premier Beach Town

Sihanoukville is Cambodia's youngest city and also the capital of Sihanoukville Province, locally known as Kampong Som. It is also Cambodia’s first and only sea port. Sihanoukville holds the possibility to be a main international sea port for the country and the region as well, while, being a serene tourist spot.

Being a quite small province, Sihanoukville has two main urban centers: the Sihanoukville City and the Prey Nob District, 46km from Sihanoukville downtown to the north. The city is connected to Phnom Penh by the National Road No. 4; to Kampot Province by Road No.3 and to Koh Kong Province by Road No.48.

The province is served by Sihanoukville International Airport, 18 km from downtown. The airport currently has limited commercial flights between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh on Cambodia Angkor Airlines.  

The French laid the foundations of Kampong Som back in the mid-1950s, before they lost their control on the Mekong Delta. Construction on the port began in June 1955.

The town was renamed in 1964 after the great Cambodian King, also respected as the “Father of the Nation”, Norodom Sihanouk. Sihanouk means “Jaws of the Lion”.

                   Golden Lion Traffic Circle In Sihanoukville

Golden Lion Traffic Circle In Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville has tropical climate affected by the monsoon winds and coastal location. Average temperatures are high throughout the year, usually peaking in April or May. Swimming is pleasant all the year with the coolest sea temperature seen at the beginning of January. From October to February, the calm weather makes it becomes the best time to visit the city and absorb the stunning beauty of the beaches, waterfalls, national parks. During December and January, the sky remains clear with moderate temperature making it of the best times for the tourists. Tourists can enjoy scuba diving from December to June. Low season is from the beginning of July till the end of October because of prolonged rains.

With pretty white-sand beaches and surrounded by several nearby tropical islands, Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s premier beach town. It has seven primary tourist beaches; all is easily accessible from downtown. These beaches are known for quiet, cozy atmosphere with large stretches of white sand and clear water, that makes them popular spots for families on vacation. These seaside paradises with the refreshing coolness of the fresh water streams can be enjoyed all year round.

                Sihanoukville Beach

Sihanoukville Beach

Tourists can take a boat trip to the nearby islands for diving, snorkeling, and fishing. There are several dive centers located in Sihanoukville and the nearby islands. Diving enthusiasts will relish in the chance to explore underwater wildlife, while newbies will be delighted to learn certification courses are relatively inexpensive. Guided day and overnight trips are also great ways to get the most out of your diving experience.

Except for spending time on the beach, you can go hiking in Prek Teuk Sap - a natural resource in the Ream National Park area where visitors can explore river, mangrove forest, and birdlife by a boat trip, a canoeing, guided walks or a bird watching. Other possibility for leisure activity is to take part at a Traditional Khmer Cookery Class. See the countryside for yourself by renting a motorbike. You can cruise along the coast, visit various beaches, or venture to the nearby town of Kampot. 

              Boat trip to visit nearby islands.

Boat trip to visit nearby islands.

All in all, there is nothing better for a honeymoon in Cambodia than join an interesting Angkor Wat tour and then chill out at the beach town Sihanouk ville. It is a romantic destination for beach enthusiasts on a honeymoon as it offers several beauties that will make your special time become more memorable and impressive.

               Enjoy your honeymoon in Sihanoukville

Enjoy your honeymoon in Sihanoukville

This place is worth considering as a great place to enjoy a Honeymoon vacation in Cambodia. It is no doubt that sihanoukville is an ideal stop that should be included in your Cambodia Family Vacation or Cambodia Luxury Beach Vacation.

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