Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island is located in Van Don district, about 45km of Halong Bay. Belong to Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan island area cover 11km2, stretching from Van Don mountains to Got mountain. Visitors can enjoy great beaches and special culture of local people here.

Great beaches

Quan Lan IslandQuan Lan Island

When the boat reaching the island covered by bushy poplar trees and pine trees, Quan Lan looks like a princess sleeping on the glamorous beach. Visitors come here to enjoy peace, wash away noisy and crowded urban living. This island owns two beautiful and famous beaches Minh Chau beach and Son Hao beach. For example, Minh Chau, as its name meaning is a precious pearl, the beach has fabulous beauty among sea with pristine white sand and blue clear water. Waves and wind here are very calm; hence this is also an ideal place for couples to take wonderful wedding photos.

Explore the island
Visitors receive a warm welcome from wonderful sightseeing and friendly local people.
You can hire a Tuk Tuk vehicle, which is the characteristic vehicle in this place, to visit the island's center. Visitors can choose stay in hotels close to the beach or overnight in homestay of local people. It is a great choice because visitors will explore daily living in Quan Lan, participate in fishing cuttle- fish at night and taste simple traditional dishes.

A Beautiful Beach

A Beautiful Beach

In the early morning, you can go to a local market like Tan Doai fish market to buy fresh sea food or small gifts. You also can spend about 30 minutes for walking to rock field in Dau Lang to admire the imposing and pristine of sea and mountain.
Another choice is hiring bicycle to discover the island by yourself.

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