Oudong Travel Guide

Oudong, also known as Odong or Udong, is a town located in the north western of Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia. Once being a royal residence, Oudong was Cambodia’s capital for more than 250 years until 1866.

Oudong is unusually popular among tourists flying to the Angkor Kingdom. The town still remained in oblivion for decades and featured distinctive Khmer cultures. Unfortunately, the town was suffered from huge damage which led to the result of severely damaged temples and shrines during war period.  

Views of Oudong Hill

Main history events

Between 1618 and 1866, Oudong served as the Cambodian capital which witnessed lots of up-and-down, especially being ransacked by the invasion of Thai forces, bombed by American troops and attacked by the Khmer Rouge. During 250 years of being former capital, Oudong also saw several Khmer Kings were crowned and the prosperity in the region. However, after the capital moved, the city was in great decline with many once-splendid buildings and monuments left to decay.

Main history attractions

  • Oudong Hill

Oudong Hill offers numerous interesting sites ranging from modern to ancient temples, plenty of stupas and shrines. To reach the top hill, you have to climb some 500 steps to marvel the panoramic view of beautiful sightseeing in Phnom Penh. Take your time and enjoy the surrounding views of lush green hills covered in blooming trees.

Temple on Oudong Hill

These historic temples consist of many religious images like a replica of holy cow showing the nation’s former Hindu roots and an unusual military-like Buddha statue. Outstandingly, the large temple of Arthaross stands in a state of battle-scarred ruin with a new golden Buddha glinting and gleaming in the sunshine.

Stupa of Buddha Elephants Heads

  • Royal Burial Stupas

There are three significant stupas used to house the remains of deceased Khmer Kings. The first stupa served the worshipping King Monivong with four faces at the top of pagoda. The second one, which contains the remains of King Ang Duong, is decorated with ashes color. Lastly, the yellow-colored Chedi Dramrei Sam Poan is impressively decorated in elephant carvings and has been used to keep King Soriyopor’s remains.

Ceiling paintings in Buddhist design


The Cambodia’s weather is relatively warm throughout the year. The dry period starts from October to April, while the rest of the year is in wet season. The best time to visit must be between November and January with cool climate and lower levels of humidity.  

If you’re on plan to visit Mount Oudong from May to September, be careful while climbing up in the rainy seasons with heavy showers and storms. The activity of hiking and walking around Oudong is more pleasant in the early morning or late afternoon. It’ll also be best if you caught the sunrise or sunset moment on the mount.


Located at the foothill of the mountain Phnom Udong, Oudong is 40km northwest of Phnom Penh. You can find an organized day trip to Oudong from a travel agent or get there on your own.

Tuk-tuk is the most reliable way because of its inexpensiveness (around US $20 – 30 for a return journey and waiting time) and safety. A private car is also favorable choice but slightly high cost. You can choose the most budget way is catching a public bus or shared taxi from Phnom Penh. It takes around an hour to travel there and costs just a couple of dollars each way.

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