Marble Mountains

Da Nang is voted as a worth-living city of Vietnam. The city draws attention to travelers with its many famous tourist attractions, one of which is Marble Mountain, located in Ngu Hanh Son District.

Within a few minutes of driving from the center of the city, Marble Mountain with its ancient yet pristine beauty will surely surprise tourists form their first sight. Marble Mountain is a cluster of five marble and limestone hills that are named after the five basic elements: Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth). Each mountain owns their unique beauty in terms of shape, location, stone types and the caves within.

Marble Mountains

The majestic entrance into Marble Mountains Cave

Thuy Son is also called Tam Thai Mountain, as there are 3 peaks located at three different heights like three stars. Among the 5 mountains, Thuy Son is the most beautiful and overwhelming one voted by tourists to explore. For a jogging and hiking lover, the mountain is destined for to you to conquer and summit. To get to the top of the mountain, you can either climb for an adventurous experience or choose an elevator with transparent glass for convenience. Once you get to the peak, it is time to enjoy the breath taking panoramic view of the beautiful city as well as the remaining mountains. Don’t forget to spoil yourself with some scenic photos for Facebook or Instagram check-in from the top of the mountain. Besides, you will also get to visit many sacred temples such as Linh Ung, Tam Thai pagoda, which are suitable for those who would like to immerse in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, the caves such as Huyen Khong, Linh Nha, Am Phu, Van Nguyet; with their open space and unique structure; will definitely help you feel calm and relaxed.

Marble Mountains

Buddhist pagoda in Huyen Khong Cave of Marble Mountains

Metal mountain is shaped like a tipped bell, situated on the riverbank with the ancient Quan The Pagoda and the mysterious Quan Am cave leaning against the mountain. Located along the Water is the Wood with only one white but unique marble within. Today the mountain looks like an old city that has long been abandoned. Located opposite to Water mountain is the Fire, consisting of 2 double mountains connected by a stone pathway. The mountain also possesses many caves and temples with high mountain peaks and rocky slopes, bringing you a majestic yet primitive feeling. Coming to the Soil Mountain, you can witness historical traces from the Cham as well as the Vietnam War. That’s why Marble Mountain is believed to be a bridge connecting the past and present, together with reflecting the beauty of Vietnamese history and culture.

With cool weather and beautiful scenery at all seasons, Marble mountain is an ideal destination that you can visit at any time of the year. However, summer is the most recommended season as you can stop by nearby beaches in the area. There are many types of transportation that you can choose from to get to the mountain from the center of the city such as motorbikes, bus or taxi.

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