Duck islet

Perhaps you have never heard the name of Duck islet in any traveling books written about Ha Long. Besides other islands with famous names, you should not miss chance to take photos of the lovely Duck islet during your Ha Long Bay tour.

Duck Islet

Duck Islet

Duck islets looks exactly like a lovely duck which is located near Hoa Cuong fishing village. According to Ha Long Bay tour, tourist departs from Tuan Chau international harbor, visit some famous places such as: Thien Cung, Dau Go caves, Da Da and Dinh Huong islands, then the cruise will bring you to this area. Tourist can have a look at the islet, which looks like a duck is swimming in Ha Long Bay. We can take photos with this funny and lovely islet. After taking photos here, it takes about 15 minutes to go to Trong Mai islets, the most famous couple islet in Ha Long Bay.

Many tourists often buy a Ha Long Bay tour from an travel agency so they will offer you the transportation, meals and both Vietnamese and English tour guide.

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