Cua Van Village

Listed as one of Top 16 most beautiful acient villages in the world, Cua Van floating village is a true unique wonder of fishermen

Thanks to being ancient and retaining a distinctive traditional culture, Cua Van floating village offers a fully local experience tour that attracts hundreds of tourists daily. As Halong Bay is experiencing a momentous tourism spike, the Cua Van community remains their prevailing culture and way of life, far from fragile despite the rapid development happening to the Bay.

 Cua Van VIllage

Cua Van village

Surrounded by Va Gia – Cua Van stone moutain, Cua Van is the home of 176 residents (about 750 individuals) relying on mainly fishing. The village originates from two ancient fishing villages called Giang Vong and Truc Vo, which explains the spectacularly culture of Cua Van. However, with the policy to return the landscape for the world natural heritage of Halong Bay, the village was moved ashore in 2014. Cua Van floating village with 12 rafts (including cultura houses, classrooms, ...) is preserved for tourism since then.


Arriving at the peaceful village, travelers easily get attracted by the beauty of every single details, from the small boats sitting aside colorful traditional houses to fishing nets above the fresh green water. The whole view looks like a poetic painting maintaining all the primitive characteristics of a fishing village from ancient.

 Cua Van Village Live

Local fisherwoman

Located 10 km away from the cliffs of the sea, there is no whistling bikes or cars booming but only exists the fishermen’s calling each other, harmonized with the beams on fishing boats. Besides, Cua Van’s locals are kind and friendly. Generations of the villagers spend their whole lives on boats and attached intimately to the sea. Both soul and body of Cua Van villagers belong to water, in which even children from 4 to 5 years old know how to paddle. All living and spiritual activities, from birth to death, takes place right here, on the floating village. When the night comes in, travelers can to join the fishermen to row out fishing and have a nice meal with the fresh-caught fish on boat for full local experience. The fishermen can take travelers to many interesting spots such as visiting the Tien Ong Cave, Ba Ham lake, trekking, fishing squid, ... on small wooden boats or baskets. Spending a night here is a great idea for you to truly get away from busy lifestyle and properly find the most peaceful self of yours.


Since the village is far away from mainland, booking a yatch ticket is a good choice for travellers to come by Cua Van floating village. Nowadays, there are many overnight tour yatches which can guarantee your fullfil experience of visiting Cua Van floating village. You can look for “Ha Long Bay Cruise” as a preferred option. Travellers can explore themselves by rowing kayak or boat from the yatch for self-joy.

Trips that visit Cua Van Village
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