Ba Lai River Travel Guide

Ba Lai River is a river in the Mekong Delta region. It flows through Ben Tre Province. It is a direct tributary of the Tien river and the natural boundary between Phu Duc and Tan Phu Communes. At the beginning of the 20th century, the river became alluvial so it got narrow and shallow. The water source of the Ba Lai River now comes mainly from the My Tho River. The Ba Lai River has also begun to diminish and the Ba Lai estuary is now filling with sediment and becoming blocked.

Ba Lai River

Ba Lai River

Currently, Ba Lai estuary is filled by Ba Lai dam, and Ba Lai sewer is replaced. Ba Lai dam has the goal of preventing salinity, creating a sweet source, acidic alum washing, improving natural land upstream, in which agricultural land, supplying water for the districts of Binh Dai, Ba Tri, Giong Trom, Chau Thanh and Ben Tre town. This dam system is located in Thanh Tri commune (Binh Dai district) and Tan Xuan commune (Ba Tri district), started on January 27, 2000 and put into use on April 30, 2002. Ba Dam Lai is 544 m long. Ba Lai culvert consists of 10 gates, aperture of 84 m, operated by 2-way automatic valve.

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