When Is The Best Time to Visit Halong Bay?

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Halong Bay is worth visiting at any time of the year, but it really depends on your own purpose of a perfect trip. Let’s see the most appropriate time for you to visit Halong Bay.

When it comes to the best time to visit a destination, everyone will concern about weather, expenditure and special events. Planning to visit Halong Bay, tourists have numerous options of climate conditions, a wide range of hot deals and plenty of festival events all year around.

Ha Long Bay is worth visiting the whole year round for its different beauty in every single time. However, there’re some specific months attracting more visitors than the others and making a great time to visit Halong Bay. Usually, Halong Bay is crowded with foreign tourists during December and January, when the season break of Christmas and New Year Holiday occur. The peak season in Halong Bay also includes October, November, February, March and April, while the off season for international travelers varies from May to September.

So, what makes the best time to visit Halong Bay and what draws tourists’ attention to this stunning world’s heritage in Vietnam? Here’re the essentials for you to plan a perfect time to visit Halong Bay.

Best weather to visit Halong Bay

For most tourists, weather is a major concern that affects directly to their vacation. Located in the northern Vietnam, Halong Bay has four seasons: the warm spring, the hot summer, the cool autumn and the cold winter.

The average annual temperature in Halong Bay is 25°C, and the temperature fluctuates from 13°C to 38°C. June is the hottest month of the year and January is the coldest month in Halong Bay. The annual amount of precipitation in Halong Bay is approximately 1395 mm. The largest precipitation happens between June and August – the rainiest month. The difference between the highest precipitation and the lowest precipitation in December is 225 mm.

Average temperature and rainfall in Halong Bay

In terms of weather, the best time for a Halong Bay trip is in spring and autumn, more specifically, the periods of March – April and October – December. In these months, the delightful climate, the clear sky and the pleasant temperature create favorable conditions to wide range of amusing activities in Halong Bay.

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Spring (February – April)

Temperatures during the spring season range from 19°C to 31°C. There is still the possibility of rainy and foggy conditions during the spring months, but the fog is not as thick as in the winter. On spring days, the sun shines constantly all day; the water is gentle and calm. This is also the time of flowers blooming and swallows flying over the bay.

Spring must be the best time to visit Halong Bay since tourist can truly experience cruising slowly around the freshly breathtaking scenery. It’s perfect time for swimming, kayaking and a steamy BBQ cave dinning in one the most splendid natural complex of the world. In spring, the bay becomes more inviting in April and remains attractive to tourists till the summer.

Best time to have cave dinner in Halong Bay

Summer (May – August)

In summer of Halong Bay, the average temperature is 34°C, while the maximum temperature recorded is 38°C. Summer brings clear views of the stunning islands and pleasant swimming temperatures, which make an ideal time for cruising. At this time, the sun shines from very early morning until as late as 7 pm in Halong, making the daytime longer than the nighttime.

Summer gives tourists a perfect chance to join plenty of interesting activities like swimming, kayaking, cruising, sightseeing, sunbathing, cycling, fishing and other more. You’d better avoid the noon time because too much sun exposure can probably cause heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or sunburn.

Best time to have a swim in Halong Bay

However, if you visit Halong Bay from July to August, there may be infrequent typhoons, which may render cancellation or delay of your trip. Most of the time, storms and typhoons are small, and they last in a very short time for about 2 or 3 days, and thus considered to be harmless. In case of a big storm, be sure to contact your agent for alternative solutions.

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Autumn (September – October)

Summer ends with the transformation of weather. The average temperature is lower than 27°C, so you can enjoy the cool and pleasant atmosphere. From October onwards, it is the ideal time for tourists to take a cruise in Halong Bay. The wonderful weather will enable you to enjoy all activities offered on board while making sightseeing as perfect as it could be.

Autumn is also perfect for couples or small families to have private life-time experiences together while sailing through Halong Bay. Check here for the most suitable Halong Bay tour.

Perfect time to take Halong Bay Cruise

Winter (November – January)

Halong Bay enjoys a dry and cold winter when thick fog possesses a mystery beauty. The winter officially arrives at Ha Long Bay in November and gets colder and colder in January. The highest temperature reaches to only 20°C, while the temperature can drop to about 8°C. It is possible to take a boat cruise in Ha Long Bay in winter.

Although swimming is not suitable, there are a lot of exciting activities in this season. Tourists can go kayaking, visit fishing villages or take a Halong Bay cruise, the most comfortable experience in Halong Bay’s winter. Let’s prepare a list of things to do during winter time in Halong Bay.

Halong Bay in fog

Public holidays and festivals in Halong Bay

Carnaval Ha Long Festival

Carnaval Ha Long Festival has become the rendezvous destination of Halong vacation and art lovers. Held at the end of April and early May every year, This festival is an occasion to mark the start of vibrant summer and commemorate those who have lost their lives for the peace of future generations.

The street parade with different theme and messages each year is the most impressive and iconic part of Carnaval Ha Long Festival. Carnaval Ha Long Festival offers the best time to visit Halong Bay and to enjoy Vietnamese traditional art performances, the thematic exhibitions and art show in Ha Long.

Carnaval Ha Long Festival

Yen Tu Festival

Yen Tu Festival is one of the sacred and energetic magical attractions in Halong, Quang Ninh Province. Every year, Yen Tu Festival begins on January 9th and lasts for 3 months of spring in Yen Tu Mountain area. The festival is to honor the merit of Lord Tran Nhan Tong, the 3rd King of the Tran dynasty and the founder of Truc Lam Zen monastery.

This is a perfect time to visit Halong since various activities of Yen Tu Festival await tourists to discover. Travelers usually take a pagoda trip from Giai Oan Pagoda – the place to unjustly assert the frequency and beauty for King Tran Nhan Tong’s sake, Dong Pagoda, Hoa Yen Pagoda and Truc Lam Yen Tu Monastery.

Tra Co Temple Festival

Tra Co Festival is annually taken place at Tra Co Communal House, one of the typical cultural, artistic and architectural relics of Mong Cai City. There’re two sections including the ritual ceremonies and the festival, which comprise cultural performances, calligraphy writing along with some fun games such as tug of war, stilts and volleyball. Especially, the unique feature of the festival is the "Mr. Elephant" contest.

Tra Co Temple Festival gives tourists a great time to enjoy exciting festivities and ritual ceremonies in Halong. Moreover, tourists will be inspired by the nostalgic atmosphere of historic site.

Tra Co Temple Festival

Cua Ong Temple Festival

Cua Ong Festival is the only one to fully worship Tran Hung Dao’s family and his courtiers at Cua Ong Temple. The festival has a sacred reputation that tourist usually come to pray for some luck and health as well as to pay some tribute to the heroic General of Vietnam.

During Cua Ong Festival, the spectacular ceremonies consist of the procession of Tran Quoc Tang and incense offering to commemorate the mighty General. After ceremonies, many folk arts, sports, and amusing activities are taken place such as dragon dance, flagging, blindfolding and drumming or tug of war. If you visit Halong during February and March in Lunar calendar, don’t forget to join the excitement of Cua Ong Festival.

Public holidays in Halong Bay

During Vietnamese public holidays, Halong Bay is crowded with a great number of domestic travelers. If you seek for a less crowded time to visit Halong Bay, you should avoid these following timeline when Vietnamese tourists frequently take a short vacation to Halong Bay for a couple of days.

Especially, on International New Year (January 1st), Vietnamese Lunar New Year (usually in late January or early February), Liberation Day (April 30th), Labor Day (May 1st) and Vietnamese National Day (September 2nd).

Best time to get hot deals in Halong Bay

For budget travelers, it’s essential to get the best deal between May and September, the best time to schedule an affordable trip to Halong Bay. During the low season, many cruise ships offer great discounts and combos that you can save as much as 40% on a Halong Bay cruise deal compared with the high season. Nevertheless, the high risk of heavy shower and unpredictable typhoon goes up in low season and may cause cancellation or delay or your trip.

Actually, the period from May to September is the best time to get hot deal, but it’s not the best time for nice weather in Halong Bay. Smart travelers will look for last-minute deals while keeping an eye on the weather forecast at the same time.

Check this out for more details about hot deals of Halong Bay Cruise.

All things considered, every time in the year is perfect for your vacation to Halong Bay, but the best time to visit Halong depends on what you prefer: beautiful weather, exciting events & festivals, or amazing deals & promotions. This essential guide will help you to choose the best time to enjoy your trip in Halong Bay to the fulfillness.

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