What to do for Christmas holiday in Vietnam

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Are you planning for a Christmas Holiday in Vietnam? Or you have already been here?

There are a few more days to Christmas Day and as many people have known, it is not a public holiday in Vietnam. About a decade ago, most of Vietnamese still believe that Christmas is only for Christians. However, these years, Christmas looks like for everyone here.

Many tourists will wonder about what they can do while enjoying their Christmas holiday in Vietnam and this post can give you all some interesting suggestions.

Celebrate with crowds on the street

If you like exciting atmosphere, you should spend your Christmas night at the center of Vietnam’s two biggest cities: Hanoi and Hochiminh. Nowadays, with the Vietnamese youngsters, Christmas is a time for gathering to chat, to sing, to playing games and to… do something weird together publicly on the street.

You will stay in Hanoi at Christmas night? Just come to the Old Quarter walking street. People, especially the teenager and student will gather here, and at about 9 p.m., after a delicious dinner on the street or in nearby restaurant and a few mugs of beer or a little alcohol, they will hold their friends and strangers’ hands, sing and run around the Hoan Kiem (Sword) Lake with Christmas accessories on their head like reindeer horns, Santa’s hat or even a couple of cat ears! 


Christmas night in Hanoi Old Quarter

Hochiminh city’s Nguyen Hue walking street will be at the same situation in Hanoi with the voice from singing and laughing, cover all the walking street and also some roads around. Besides, if you are tired after few hours playing together outside, you can sit right on the pavement for a cup of ice coffee, milkshake, juice or ice tea with many choices for delight snacks and desserts.


Saigon city center in Christmas night

Enjoy hot Christmas holiday

Actually, this is exactly what most of tourists who come to Vietnam – a tropical country, expect. However, you have to note that not everywhere in Vietnam is hot in winter. In fact, about half of this country is quite cold and wet in winter days. If you want to have a Christmas day under sunlight and comeback to your home with tanning skin, just come to the south of Vietnam where is hot all year round and the sea is cool not cold.

Many travelers have heard about beautiful beaches in the South Central of Vietnam such as Lang Co, My Khe and Cua Dai. However, in December, these places sometimes have rain. To avoid unexpected showers, you should travel straight to Southern Vietnam, enjoy sun, sand and sea on beautiful beaches such as Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Ca Na or enjoy the Pearl Island – Phu Quoc with not only the most beautiful wild beaches in the country but also wide range of luxurious resorts, variety of seafood and interesting entertaining activities.


Sao Beach (Bai Sao), Phu Quoc Island

Cruising for Christmas night

Having special dinner on a Halong Bay cruise in Christmas night is also an interesting idea if you want to have a unique Christmas night ever!

Most of 4-star and 5-star standard cruises in Halong Bay have exclusive dinner menu for Christmas night only, using high-end ingredient with chef’s owned recipes. A sip of fine wine with delicious dinner for 24th Dec night and a 25th Dec morning among majestic landscape with Taichi exercise and fresh air, all sound like the perfect ending for a tired working year. Besides, there will be many interesting activities for you to join during your trip through the Bay such as: kayaking, biking (on Cat Ba island), fishing, golfing, etc.


Cruise in Halong Bay

Spend Christmas night in church

You are a Christian and on your way of travelling at Christmas night? You always can join the celebration in any church nearby if you want. Although most of Vietnamese are not Christian, you still can easily find a church in big city like Hanoi and Hochiminh city as normally, the churches were built in some center streets and all are still active up until now. In addition, you have to remember that the bigger the church, the more people there as not only the Christians but also the locals, domestic and international tourists will gather there to join the celebration. So if you want a silent and peaceful Christmas night, try to find a small church.


St. Joseph's Cathedral Hanoi in Christmas night



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