Top 3 best attractions in Southern Vietnam for Summer Holiday

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Do you have any plan for this summer? Have you ever thought that you should spend your summer vacation in a wonderful tropical climate country like Vietnam? If you have, this guide is for you. I will suggest you 3 trending destination for summer holiday in Southern Vietnam.

1. Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a tourism and commercial center of Ba Ria – Vung Tau. This is among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Vung Tau has been known as a popular weekend escape from Ho Chi Minh city. This destination rocks at weekends and relatively quiet during the week. Covered by ocean, you can find your dream holiday here.

Vung Tau has four famous beaches: Front beach, Back beach, Pineapple beach and Paradise beach. Front beach is the most popular one, there are many tourists and the water is not clean anymore, so you should stay away. However, you can still enjoy seafood at food stalls and restaurants, they serve the best seafood in the south of Vietnam.


Vung Tau is a beautiful ocean city

 For the better experience, you should visit Back beach and Pineapple beach. The water is much cleaner than Front beach, you can go surfing, diving and playing many other water sports. These beaches also have the perfect sunset views. Paradise beach belongs to a resort that you have to pay some entrance fee to get rid of the crowd and get access to luxurious services.

Besides beaches, you can find a lot more in Vung Tau such as visiting temples, churches and pagodas, exploring this beautiful ocean city, trying local cuisines, etc. There will be a lot of fun in Vung Tau.

How to get there?

Vung Tau is close from HCMC (less than 100km), so if you are far away from Vung Tau, you can fly to HCMC and then take a bus to Vung Tau. You can always find a private car or shuttle bus to Vung Tau online.

2. Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is a beautiful ocean city, the capital of Binh Thuan province, Vietnam, where all the government offices of the province are located. This traditional fishing village is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. Resort-style blooming along the coast line, but life of the fishing community still remains unchanged and the beach is still clean and quiet, great for walking and spectacular sunset.


You can enjoy this glorious sunset in the Red sand dunes

This is a small and peaceful city, but you can find many interesting activities here. The most famous one is visiting the red sand dunes. The red sand dunes are one of Phan Thiet’s most unique natural landscapes. You can easily catch up with the Red dunes from the tourist stretch in Mui Ne. It would be really nice exploring the reddish-brown sand dunes on foot and it would be perfect if you come here in the afternoon, you will have chance to see the glorious natural sunset in the ocean.

Go to the top of the sand dunes and feel the gorgeous panoramic view, you will be able to see the ocean. With strong wind breeze, you can go for kiting and wind surfing. You should also try the most famous activity here: sliding all the way down the sand dunes with the height of more than 10 meters. Overall, you should pay a small fee to apply for the sand dunes tour which offer a lot of sight-seeing and activities that you can never find anywhere.

How to get there?

Located 200km North of HCMC, it is fairly easy to go to Phan Thiet by bus or by motor cycle. You can buy bus tickets or rent a private car online easily.

3. Da Lat

Summer isn’t all about sun and sea. If you have been chilling in the ocean for many years, going for some fresh air in the mountain would be a great idea.

Da Lat is a captical city of Lam Dong province, Viet Nam. This beautiful city is located about 1.500m (4.000ft) above the sea level on the Langbiang Plateau in the southern part of Central Highland region. Da Lat has been recognized many years ago by the French during their invasion. They built many houses and villas for their officers to relax. You can still find a lot of old French villas there. Da Lat is a favorite destination of both Vietnamese and foreign tourist because of its beauty and year-round cool climate.


Amazing sunrise in the Golden valley

Da Lat is famous for its large variety of floral and natural landscapes such as mountains, water fall, etc. This city is the main agriculture field of Southern Vietnam, but people here is also very proud of being an education center that have multiple fields professionals including doctor and architects. Visiting Da Lat, you will meet the young, dynamic, enthusiastic and friendly Vietnamese from every corner.

How to get there?

Da Lat is located about 300km North of HCMC. People love going to Da Lat by motor bike, but for foreigners, this is not highly recommended because the road will be difficult with many curves and slopes. So for the best experience, I would suggest you to buy a bus ticket online or rent a private car to go.

If you want to explore everything in Southern Vietnam this summer, don’t hesitate to visit our website and pick yourself a tour. Everything is covered, all you have to do is decide what you want and you are good to go.

There you have it, top 3 destinations in Southern Vietnam for summer vacation. You can see, none of them is a super famous area so you don’t have to worry about these destinations being over-run because of the tourist, but they are trending destination and will become busy in near future. Visiting Southern Vietnam will be among the best experiences you have in Vietnam.

Hoang Nguyen

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