Saigon Central Post Office - The ‘Eiffel’ Post Office

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Saigon Central Post Office is the largest post office in Vietnam.

This is one of the oldest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City which was built around 1886 – 1891 based on design of a famous French architect. As a harmonic combination of Gothic and French architecture, its appearance and interior enchants visitors. Located right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City in District 1, Saigon Central Post Office has become a significant symbol of the city, just like its opposite neighbor Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral. Tourists usually visit here to admire the unique architecture of the post office and feel comfortable to relax on benches polished with varnish and existed for hundreds of years old. The post office still remains 14 phone booths which are placed in two main lobbies to serve residents here and tourists who want to contact as well as find back a bygone time.


Saigon Central Post Office

Travel Tips Visiting Saigon Central Post Office

The Post Office is opposite to Notre Dame Cathedral and can be combined for one visit.
The Post Office open every day and the admission is free.

Inside Saigon Central Post Office

Nora Tran

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