Myanmar shopping tips – Things to buy when visiting Myanmar

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After each trip, the souvenirs featuring each country are the items many tourist seek the most. Here are the suggested products for the tourists who are planning a trip to Myanmar.

1. Gemstone

A Bogyoke Aung San market in Yangon where the gemstones are sold to tourists.

Myanmar has a lot of gemstone mines (mainly jade, ruby and sapphire), gemstone products originating from Myanmar are always highly appreciated in the international market. Moreover, the price of gems here is also much more cheaper than the other countries.

If you are looking for the prestigious place to buy gemstone, do not miss the Bogyoke Aung San market in Yangon. This market established from the years 1994 – 1995 when Myanmar started business operations abroad. As soon as entering the market, tourists will feel overwhelmed with many kinds of gemstones sold in the stores. Gemstone in this market includes a range of types from a few USD to thousands of USD. Although there are many stores but there is no competition here. Bogyoke Aung San market is one of the reputable places where many licensed stores are located.

However, you need to be careful when choosing the gem because the boundary between the fake and real is fragile.

2. Longyi, Paso

Longyi, Paso are tradition costume of the Myanmar people.

Longyi (for women) and Paso (for men) is the traditional costume of the Myanmar people. It is simply a cloth wrapped from the waist down to the feet instead of trousers or skirts,  but the wrap between two sexes are completely different. And more interestingly, when necessary, this traditional costume are pulled up to be a raincoat, a sturdy hat for women to keep cargo (fruits, foods) without holding hands. Longyi and Paso are useful in many situations and are usually chosen to buy as gift after a trip.

Longyi and Paso are made from a variety of silk fabrics, from the affordable to the high level kinds, depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the right product for you.

3. Lacquer painting

The lacquer painting is also engraved and painted on bowls, cups, vases and the other items.

Bagan, the ancient capital of Myanmar, is known for its thousands of ancient towers, temples and pagodas. However, the mark of this land is made by another factor which comes from the traditional handmade lacquerware here.

In addition to painting on paper, or wood carving, the lacquer painting is also engraved and painted on bowls, cups, vases and the other items. This product is available throughout the country but the most famous production center is in Bagan. You can buy yourself a lacquer painting in the village of Myinkaba (Bagan). However, before buying tourists should ask for price and bargain and also be careful not to buy the fake product.

4. Decorative tapestry

Each pattern on a tapestry in Myanmar is made meticulously.

Textile tapestry is a long term tradition in Myanmar. The tapestry is made meticulously, decorated with gold, silver and sparkling sequins. The image on the tapestry often depicts the classic Buddhist stories or other non mundane objects of Burmese Buddhism such as legendary animals, Hintha, Kalong, etc.

Today’s traditional tapestry is disapearing, instead of that the tourism products are usually seen in Mandalay and Yangon. 

5. Sand painting

Sand painting is always a beautiful souvenir that any tourist would love to have one.

Many galleries in Bagan or Yangon usually display beautiful paintings, reflecting the Buddhist philosophy and human life of the Myanmar people.

Sand painting originates a long time ago in Myanmar history. It was used to be considered as a tribute of the artisans to the major events of the palace. It is essential for the artisans to create the special and exotic paintings to the royal. If the royal members were interested in the painting, they will reward the artisans. Nowadays, Bagan sand paintings  are used to catering for the wide range of classes, especially Western visitors.

In Bagan, the tourists can admire the artists creating many featured paintings: the peaceful ancient temples, bonzes beg for foods in early sunshine, daily life of local citizens or the iconic leader of the Democrat Aung San Suu Kyi.

Besides all the items mentioned above, the wind chimes, paper umbrellas, Buddha statues are also souvenirs the tourists would love to buy the most when visiting Myanmar.


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