Essential Guidelines on Halal Food In Halong Bay

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Halal food in Halong Bay and Vietnam in general is increasingly popular among Mulsim travelers. If you are sticking to a travel plan to Halong Bay, our essential guidelines on Halal food will dispel your worries about exclusive dietary to gain an enjoyable experience.

It’s demanding for those going on Halal diet to traveling overseas, especially in a non-Islamic country like Vietnam. Nevertheless, our comprehensive Halal food guidance will help you to forget about stuffing your suitcase with instant foods before embarking on holidays.

Explore Vietnamese cuisine with Halal food

The most important step is doing research on food culture in Vietnam as well as in your destination, Halong Bay. When it comes to religious obligations, you should establish your prayer and pursue the healthiest and most reliable Halal food in your holiday accommodation. This spiritual significance helps you save time for inappropriate itinerary and secure unnoticed rewards in your travel.

Despite an excessively small portion of Islam, Vietnam offers a special treat on Halal food in numerous tourist attractions throughout the country. The little Vietnam has a plenteous diversity of foods and cuisines which is highly flavored and fresh. In Halong, most places can accommodate your Halal dietary preferences; some of them have Halal and Vegetarian certificates. If you are engaged in any food allergy, gluten free, being a vegan or Muslim, all you need to do is notify about your diet requirements in advance.

Vietnam traditional cuisine

The Halal version of Vietnamese spring roll

Payattention to Halal food in your accommodation

Of course, it’s crucial to find out full details about Halal status of the place you stay and the nearby restaurants. If there’s anything goes out of your demand, don’t hesitate to ask your travel consultant or your booking accommodations.

Halal meals on Halong Bay cruises

Almost 5-star Halong Bay cruises offer special meals, exclusively for Halal food. Significantly, you should take a consideration to Mon Cheri Cruise, the only cruise serves authentic Halal food with Halal Cooking Certification. In a separated kitchen, many talented foreign chefs make Halal dishes which bring Halal addicts a uniquely perfect taste and an exquisitely diverse menu. All foods are expertly crafted and balanced between flavors, freshness and nutrition to give you the best ‘Halal taste vacation’ ever.

Mon cheri seafood

Halal food on Mon Cheri Cruise

Apart from Mon Cheri, the rest such as Pelican, Orchid and Era Cruise also give special feasts to tourists adhering to Islam customs. All splendid cruise lines take the dining to be a vital part of Halong Bay experience. You will have a chance to savor a plenty of cuisines from braised tofu, spicy curry, caramelized pineapple, fried bananas, sautéed potatoes, veggie spring rolls, creamy pumpkin soup to leafy green salads.

Halal restaurants in Halong Bay

Until now, there is only one authentic restaurant serving Halal food in Halong Bay, named Srirembau Halal Restaurant Halong Bay. Established in 2017, the restaurant has gained official certification of the Halal Vietnam. The restaurant has been recommended by many Muslim tourists thanks to the cozy atmosphere, descent flavor and enthusiastic staff. You will possibly keen on a wide range of Halal foods popularly including paratha, panneer masala tea, mixed vegetable cutlet, chicken curry and rice as well as Malaysian and Indian foods. Especially, there is a prayer room and Hindi background songs which perfectly suit Muslim.

Choose alternatives of Halal food in Halong Bay

If you find difficult to adapt to Halal cuisine in Halong Bay, there is a backup for seeking more veggie options. There is an intimate relationship between Islam and Veganism, which provide you with an abundance of substitute choices. It seems to be easier to search for vegetarian food than Halal food while traveling to a foreign country. There are plenty opportunities and pleasant cruise services that give clients at least 48 hours to notice about changing special dishes instead of usual meals.

Tasty vegan food

Tasty vegan shrimp skewers

It goes without saying that vegan food is not an alternative of Halal food, then you still have to check carefully for certain Halal requirements. In actual, you can choose foods containing the consumption of some edible aquatic animals without alcoholic ingredients. Because it’s incomplete to neglect fascinating seafood considered as the top specialty in Halong Bay.

In conclusion, a wonderland of excellent Halal food is awaiting you on Halong Bay vacation. If you have any concerns about sorting out your Halal food selections, get in touch with us for more exclusive details about Halong Bay cruise.

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