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Snorkeling is one of the most excellent activities that you should not be missed when travelling to Nha Trang. The nature has endowed for Nha Trang many islands with white sandy beaches and the fantasy coral reefs under the ocean. With these advantage conditions, Nha Trang has many opportunities to develop snorkeling services in here.

Currently, snorkeling services in Nha Trang is well–developed with many professional suppliers. This is a kind of entertainment that has been interested in for a long time in many other countries. In Vietnam, it is still quite new and waiting for you to discover.

If you want to get more fun for your trip in Nha Trang, snorkeling certainly is a perfect choice that you should take your time to try it. It would be impressive when telling with your friends about what you have seen at the depth of 30 meters. And there is nothing more wonderful than having a picture taken with many lovely creatures living deep in the sea.

Scuba diving under Nha Trang island

Snorkeling under Nha Trang island

The sea has blue color and very clear so that you just have to wear swimming mask to face down on the water, you can see more than 10 meters of the deep with a variety of fishes and coral reefs. However, remember to do not touch those corals because they’re very soft as silk and need to be special protected.


Tips for snorkeling in Nha Trang

Preparing necessary items

According to the instructions, you should to take at least 5 minutes to get familiar with air on the sea before snorkeling. You also need to prepare professional equipment:

          1. Wetsuit

          2. Snorkel and Scuba mask

          3. Snorkeling fins

Snorkeling equipments

Snorkeling equipments

For the first time snorkeling, you do not need know how to swim because there will be a guide accompanying with you. You also no need to buy the snorkeling items because currently, this service in Nha Trang is provided with many modern equipment available. The guide will let you know how to wear the wetsuit, of course including Fins, snorkel and scuba mask. If you do not know how to dive, you will be learnt about it in 5 minutes so that take it easy and you can look at the bottom of ocean.


Areas for snorkeling in Nha Trang

Monkey Island (Lao Island)

Monkey Island is located in Nha Phu lagoon and called as Hon Lao. But there are about 1200 monkeys living on this island so people often know about it as Monkey Island. It is chosen by many tourists for snorkeling because of its very clear and blue seawater. Besides that, it also has many beautiful coral reefs, the pristine rock ground and many species of marine fish. This snorkeling area here only has a depth of 3-5 meters so travellers can explore Nha Trang sea without fear.

Monkey Island (Lao Island)

Monkey Island (Lao Island)

Mun Island

Mun Island is still famous for snorkeling because in here, travellers can dive to gaze the beauty of more than 300 kinds of coral and thousand fish species. If you do not like snorkeling, you can also see the coral from a boat with glass bottom at Nest Island – Noi Island. However, the feeling of sitting on the boat cannot be as wonderful as directly diving into the sea, touching the fish and coral reefs by your own hand.

Mun Island

Mun Island

In Mun Island, travellers must have higher level in snorkeling because the depth in this island is more than 20 meters. Meanwhile, the Monkey Island is only 3-5m in depth so you could pay attention to the appropriate choice with your swimming abilities.


Notes for snorkeling in Nha Trang

         1. Absolutely not dive alone, you should dive with other travellers or in group

         2. Compliance with the rules of guides

         3. Do not swim too deep or too slow

         4. Do not dive after drinking alcohol because it can cause unpredictable complications

         5. When finish snorkeling, you should close your mouth and gently breathe through your nose

         6. People who have heart disease are not allowed to dived because it is very dangerous

         7. Do not dive when you hungry or even full, because it is easy to be sick or tired, it is also very dangerous.

Remember do not dive alone

Remember do not dive alone

There are plenty of adventurous travellers have chosen this type of sports and travelling. You can also feel assured about the safety with this fascinating sport, even if you cannot swim as professional guides (both Vietnam and foreign) who have qualifications and experiences, are able to help you enthusiastically. Hopefully, some tips above can help you get useful knowledge and have your own suitable choices for discovering islands in Nha Trang.


Thuy Linh
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