Cruising to Lan Ha Bay - New trend for Halong Bay Cruise

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Located in the southern part of Ha Long Bay and east of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay is also known as "the Lost Heaven" because of its extremely wild beauty. With the wild and natural beauty, Lan Ha Bay is compared as the second Ha Long Bay in the North of Vietnam.

Why do Lan Ha Bay become a NEW TREND?

Well, let me point out some reasons that I’m sure will make you like this Bay.

1. Short transfer

It only takes you about 2 hours from your hotel in Hanoi to Got Ferry where the cruises disembark from. Using highway from Hanoi to Haiphong to reach the Lan Ha Bay's cruise means it will be faster and can avoid the traffic jam and this will benefit the tourists who have car sickness. In stead of 04 driving-hour with traditional path from Hanoi – Halong, now it only take 2 hour driving with luxury car experience and more comfortable on a massage chair. Besides, the pick up time from the bus will be 09:00 a.m which means you may have more time for your sleep and breakfast instead of waking up early in the morning and prepare before 07:30 a.m for a Halong Bay cruise.

Lan Ha Bay Cruise luxury car transfer

Lan Ha Bay Cruises luxury car transfer

2. Less Touristy

Most of Cruises visit Lan Ha Bay are luxury cruises so it will not be as crowded as in Halong Bay. I am sure that you do not like seeing the bay full of tourists and you will see a lot of people at every attractions here. For a simple example, if you can find 100 cruises at Halong Bay, you will only see about 10 cruises at Lan Ha Bay which means the number of the cruises in Halong Bay is much more than in Lan Ha Bay. And I guess nobody wants to visit an island to see the view of the bay but there are too many tourists or go sailing the kayak, visit the caves with so many boats there. Having less cruises with higher quality also means less tourists there and Lan Ha Bay totally can offer the tourists a new chance to admire the wide and spectacular scenery of 400 big and small islands with many interesting shapes. All the islands in Lan Ha Bay are covered with green trees even with the small islands.

Lan Ha Bay Orchid Cruises

Lan Ha Bay Orchid Cruises

3. The service and the quality of the luxury cruises over here are very good as well

Some of the tourists might have a fear of unqualified cruises but the cruises at Lan Ha Bay, especially the cruises we cooperate with are qualified cruises based on the conditions of Administration of Halong Bay. The rooms and the cruise’s decor are highly luxury, you can find both traditional and modern style on the cruise. The guide and staff on deck are all very nice and have good knowledge about the islands, caves,… in Lan Ha Bay

4. Have Chance visit Cat Ba Island 

The itinerary of the cruise visit Lan Ha bay is that you can have chance to visit Cat Ba island which has Cat Ba National Park. There will be some activities such as biking on this peaceful island and visiting some amazing caves. Some of you might not want to spend the whole cruise trip on deck; especially with the active people, join the activities on Cat Ba island might be a great option that help you move your body's organs to get some more enery after stay on boat for such a long time. And you also can stay on the island after the cruise. There are many resorts, hotels, homestays on Cat Ba island and national park for you to spend one night. Therefore, you can do visit both the bay and Cat Ba island which is a new attractive attraction with the foreign tourist.

Biking in Cat Ba Island

Biking in Cat Ba Island

So why not choose to visit Lan Ha Bay ? I don’t see any reason that stop us from visiting this amazing bay. Luxury cruises with comfortable car transfer, good service, nice cabins, lot of activities and beautiful wild islands, interesting attractions, can visit both the bay and Cat Ba island. Coming back to visit the bay or first time come here, just make sure you will visit Lan Ha Bay.

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Ngo Trung

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