Be Prepared for Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2019 in Viet Nam

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The Mid-Season Invitational is the world’s second largest League of Legends tournament (after World championship) hosted by Riot Games annually since 2015. MSI will take place in Viet Nam where have just became an independent region (VCS). Here are a few tips for you to enjoy one of the world’s largest League of Legend tournament in Viet Nam.

2019 MSI Format

This year, the MSI will have 14 teams participate the Play-in stage to determine who will take part in the group stage. 8 teams split into 2 pools. Double round Robin, all matches are Best of One. 4 winner teams will advance to the Knock-out stage.

MSI 2019 will take place at Vietnam and Taipei

MSI 2019 will take place at Vietnam and Taipei

The Play-in Stage in Group Stage will take place in Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi, Viet Nam. The Knock-out Stage (semifinal and final) will take place in Taipei-China.

Time and location

The Mid-Season Invitational 2019 will take place between May 1st and May 19th.

First of all is the Play-in Stage. Play-in Stage is divided into 2 round: Round 1 from May 1st to May 4th and round 2 from May 5th to May 7th.

Location: GG stadium (VCS studio), Ho Chi Minh city.

Then we will have the Group Stage which is much more interesting and professional which will take place on May 10th to May 14th.

Location: The National Convention Center (NCC), Hanoi.

Vietnam National Convention Center

National Convention Center

Where and how to buy tickets?

Tickets will be available in mid-March. You can always find them online and buy them online. But you have to be hurry because the heat of the second largest League tournament is hotter than ever! You need an email account to register ticket. You can choose paying online or deliver to your location. And remember, you can only buy 4 tickets with 1 account.

What to do besides the tournament?

Unlike other developed countries, there are many activities for you to do in Vietnam beside the tournament. Usually the games will start from 6 p.m., which means you will have a lot of free time in the morning and afternoon. So what to do now?

Book a city tour

If this is the first time you visit Vietnam, a half-day city tour will be the best for you. With this kind of activity, you will have chance to explore the city’s past and present. I am confident you will be impressed by the culture and unique style of a super exciting country. This is a perfect introduction of Hanoi for the first-time visitor.

Hanoi Half-day City Tour

It is the best to book a half-day city tour

The city tour come with many shapes and forms. You can choose either walking tour, motorbike tour, double decked tour, etc. You can also choose between foodie tour, culture tour or sightseeing tour. One tip for you: you can even create your own favorite tour. Everything is possible in Vietnam.

This activity is available in both Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi, if you have chance to visit both, I would like to recommend you to try both city tours to experience the modern life of Ho Chi Minh city and the traditional style of Ha Noi.

Visit Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is world’s natural wonder. If you decided to go to Vietnam a few days before the MSI take place, you can spend one day or two to visit one of the most stunning bay in the world. Ha Long Bay cruises also have many type for you to choose. If you have only 1 day, you can still visit with many day cruises. 2-day and 3-day cruises is event better because you will have more time to visit more destinations of the bay, enjoy fresh seafood and spend the night relaxing on the cruise ship.

Halong Bay Cruise

Ha Long Bay cruise ship

If you have a lot of time

Then you should visit our website, we offer everything you want in Indochina area with Quality guarantee and Best price guarantee.

There you have it. This is the one-of-a-kind chance for people who loves both gaming and travelling. Enjoy a world class gaming event while visiting the rising dragon of Asia, you should not miss it.

Hoang Nguyen

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