Transportation (how to get to Ha Long Bay)

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About 170km away from Hanoi capital, Halong Bay is easily accessible by different means of transportation.

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    • Shuttle bus

    This type of transfer is available for departing from Hanoi center only. The shuttle bus can be understood as “tourist bus”, leaving Hanoi around 08:00 and return at 12:00 from Halong Bay every day. If your hotel is located in Hanoi Old Quarter, you will be picked up from the hotel. Otherwise, you have to take a taxi to the meeting point. Shuttle bus costs from USD10 to USD30/person/one way.

    Shuttle bus is a good option

    Shuttle bus is a good option

    • Car

    If you arrive Noi Bai Airport and want to travel to Halong city, rent a car with a driver. Several companies offer this service at a little less than USD 100/one way for private car from Noi Bai to Ha Long.

    You can pay a bit more for a comfortable private car

    Private car

    • Railway

    You can choose service of Halong Express train departs from Gia Lam Railway Station to Ha Long, USD20/single ticket.

    • Airway

    From Danang, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, you can fly either to Hanoi or Hai Phong Airport and get a car transfer to Halong Bay. From other Southeast Asia countries, you also need to fly into one of these two airports to get access to Halong Bay.

    • Helicopter

    You can also travel to Halong Bay on helicopter which takes about 1.5 hour and it is only possible from Hanoi. This service is exclusively run by Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company and it is quite a costly option to reach Halong Bay.



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