Recommended Restaurants in Hue

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If you are wondering that where would you come to have some meals when you travel to Hue in DIY style, here we give you some hints for the recommended restaurants in the city. 

  • Les Jardins de La Carambole

Les Jardins de La Carambole (means ‘The Garden of Starfuit’) is on 32 Dang Tran Con Street, about 400 m west from the main door of the Forbidden Citadel. It is the most visually impressive restaurant set in a recreation French colonial villa.  The menu is enormous, mixing up French, Italian as well as Hue specialties, and a handful of other Vietnamese dishes with alfresco and balcony dining and a pianist who plays most evenings. A decent wine and cocktail list and views out over the citadel make it a great place for a sundowner, while the light tapas and salad lunch menu and its close vicinity to the imperial city make it a good place to rest weary feet during the day. The price here is higher than other places in Hue but reasonable for the setting.

es Jardins de La Carambole 

  •  Family Home Restaurant

Family Home Restaurant is on 11/34 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, well known for serving tasty food at affordable prices and homely atmosphere. They serve Asian and European food. As its name, friendly staffs make you feel like you are at home.

Family Home

  • Golden Rice

Golden Rice Restaurant is on 40 Pham Ngu Lao Street. This is a small two-storey restaurant serving delicious Vietnamese dishes at budget prices.

Golden Rice

  • Nina's Café

Nina's Café is one of the most famous cafe in Hue, in the same alley with Family Home Restaurant, on 16/34 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street. They serve drinks and Vietnamese, Hue and Western dishes as well. It is a family owned restaurant. In 2009 they converted their front garden into Nina's Café. Nina is name of the daughter of the family. All of the food is made by the parents from fresh ingredients bought daily from the market and supermarket. Nina is one of the waitresses and her brother sometimes works there.

  • Serene Cuisine Restaurant

Located on the ground floor of Hue Serene Palace Hotel on 23/42 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Serene Cuisine Restaurant offers a huge variety of tasty authentic Vietnamese dishes, including Hue specialties, and also a classic Western menu. Wifi-internet is available and free. 

Serene Cuisine Restaurant

Linh Chan

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