Cat Ba Island Travel Guide

Wonderful sightseeing
Coming to Cat Ba Island by boat, visitors can throw their vision until the horizon in order to admire fully the magnificent beauty of nature here.
The similar feature of small islands, which are high about more than 50m, are they include sheer vertical cliffs on many sides. That is the great place for people who love climbing adventure. Because of a big number of beautiful beaches, beaches in Cat Ba always give customer warm welcome. They are not very crowed and blue clear sea are available all the time. Some beautiful beaches are: Cat Co beach, Tung Thu beach, Van Boi beach, Nam Cat beach etc. In addition, visitors can participate in some other activities like climbing mountain, kayaking trip, having an overnight in bungalow.

Cat Ba National Park
Visit Cat Ba Island, one of the attractions you should not miss is Cat Ba National Park; because here you will fully enjoy and explore the incredible variety of plants and animals in Vietnam. The park is famous for many special features such as tropical forests, coastal water and so many beautiful landscapes.
There are various creatures with 300 species of fish, 40 species of animals, 150 species of birds, 620 species of plants and so many rare others.

It can be said that Cat Ba island never disappoint you. It cross away all barriers between human and nature, replace your tiredness with relaxation and interesting experience.

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Cat Ba Island Activities

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