Meet Our Team

When it comes to travel, we genuinely believe that an online system which provide travel services with "Best price for True value" can bring an amazing amount of benefits to travelers and to local destinations, making traveling effortless and more comfortable. With this in mind, we have built our base and started to gather people since 2010. After successfully facing various challenges as a fresh start-up, we have found these aspiring, dedicated members that despite differences in expertise, are combined by the same sincere vision.

BestPrice Travel Team
Hien Kim
Sale Manager
My name is Hien Kim. I was born in the peaceful countryside part of Hanoi. I am very happy to provide and share with anyone who loves travel all the information about Indochina tourism such as famous attractions, hotels, cruises, travel tips, etc. BestPrice Travel provides me with a great environment to express my knowledge, ideas and friendly colleagues feel like a family to me.
Hang Moon
Travel Consultant
Warmest greeting from BestPrice Travel! My name is Hang "Moon" - Travel Consultant of BestPrice Travel. Firstly, I would like to give a short introduction about myself. I studied at Hanoi Open University, Faculty of Tourism and have been working in BestPrice Travel since I graduated. I am very happy to deal with and take care of customers during tour. We hope to bring the most truly experiences from exciting journeys or destinations. I love my work!
Jenny Huyen
Travel Consultant
My name is Huyen. I was born in a beautiful small village nearby and spent most of my childhood in Hanoi capital. Graduated with a deep love for tourism, I found my way to BestPrice Travel. Here, I try my best everyday to know what clients are interested in, and provide them all the information they need to make the most satisfying decision.
Mario Nguyen
Travel Consultant
Hello, I am Mario Nguyen - Travel Consultant of BestPrice Travel. Working in my favorite sector - Tourism, the happiness of the customer is my first priority. I always spend my best effort to make all the service of customer be well arranged. Please kindly contact for the best information about the tourism of Indochina.
Nora Tran
Travel Consultant
Hola todos, I am Nora Tran, a bilingual or even a trilingual. I am pleased to work in an enthusiastic environment to meet friends in all over the world and to get out of my way to bring the best experiences I have to others. I get to know the world in my unique way and you should do that too. Let’s pack it up and see other parts of our wonderful “mundo”.
Nobi Tung
Travel Consultant
Hi everyone! My name is Tung and you can call me Nobi to make it friendly and easy to remember. Travel is my favorite hobby so I know that to have a good trip you need to prepare many thing for it. I`m very happy to help you take care for everything before the trip in order to bring for you a great memory of Vietnam :)
Linh Tran
Travel Consultant
Hello everyone! My name is Linh, I feel very lucky to join the team of BestPrice Travel when working with my friendly colleagues. I'm very interested in bring my knowledge and experience about Vietnam Tourism to visitors who love travelling to Vietnam. I love my works so much.
Ha Trang
Travel Consultant
Hi everyone. I'm Ha Trang. Joining in tourism field is an unexpected but interesting decision that I have ever made. Traveling makes me realize that Life is always full of surprises. Every place in the world has its own beauty and uniqueness. So let's get ready to discover those of Vietnam!!! You're definitely gonna be amazed. Cheers!
Mai Linh
Travel Consultant
Hi, My name is Mai Linh – your Vietnamese friend! Travel is the only thing you buy but makes you richer. Even though things and places are the same to everyone, but its differences come from your feeling, your excitement and how you gather the experiences and knowledge. What you discover might not always be good but you’ll forget it. Just book ticket and leave for your trip and I am always here to welcome you!
Becki Dang
Marketing Executive
Hi! My name is Loan and please call me as Becki. As a Marketing Executive, I always motivate and freely inspire myself to create many unique marketing ideas. I am an enthusiastic person and always aspire to promote the trade-mark of our company and products as well to every people worldwide.
Thuy Nguyen
Accounting Executive
Hi, my name is Thuy. I was grew up in a beautiful and peaceful city of Vietnam - Hanoi. I am an accountant of BestPrice Travel. Working with my colleagues here is one of the most excellent thing I have and my favorite quote is "Nothing is impossible".
Trang Giang
Accounting Executive
My name is Trang. My responsibility is managing books, follow the accounting system and make it better. In my free time, I like walking in the park and climbing the mountain... Working at BestPrice Travel definitely brings me more chances to improving my knowledge about the beauty of sights, culture and human of Vietnam.
Tony Toan
System Developer
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