Halong Bay Cruises

  1. How long does it take from Hanoi to Halong Bay?
  2. Some activities we can take part in within a Cruise program?
  3. Will there be any change with the cruise itinerary on your website ?
  4. Is there any special package for honeymoon, wedding anniversary or birthday vacation on cruise?
  5. What is the booking process?
  6. Some outstanding features we will visit on Halong Bay?
  7. Is it possible to book a specific Cabin?
  8. Are Cruises equipped with protection devices for guests on board?
  9. How about drinks on a Cruise?
  10. Are there choices for vegetarians or anyone who does not eat seafood on Cruises?
  11. What do we need to bring to Halong Bay?
  12. Do I need to provide you my personal information such as passport number, date of birth... when joining in a Halong Bay cruise?
  13. Can I trust the Halong Bay cruise reviews on your website?
  14. How long does it take from Halong to Hanoi Airport directly?
  15. Does Shuttle Bus pick up/drop off us at Hanoi Airport or Train Station?
  16. Does Shuttle Bus pick up/drop off at Hanoi Hotel?
  17. Do you offer a private car for round trip: Hanoi- Halong-Hanoi?
  18. What time does Shuttle Bus pick up/drop off guests in Hanoi?
  19. What is Cancellation Policy due to Bad Weather of Halong Bay cruises?
  20. How to transfer from Halong to Ninh Binh?
  21. How to claim for FREE visa and food tour.